Acne Treatment With Pantothenic Acid

If there is one thing that can ruin a night out, it is the sudden, unexpected and most unwanted emergence of a pimple on one’s face. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that as you hit the teenage years, hormones that kick in the process of puberty start pumping around the body and secretion of sebum, an oily substance, from the sebaceous glands around the face, chest, and back, increases.

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Acne, of course, can be embarrassing and a big downer on one’s self-esteem. Whereas some teens seem to go through a brief patch of minor breakouts, some have to deal with major breakouts that last throughout their teens and even into young adulthood. You may have already tried a number of solutions with no great effect. Well, don’t lose heart. Everyone’s skin is different and you just need to find the solution best for you. Whatever you do, don’t pick at them!

Causes of pimples:

Various pimples-causing bacteria feed on these oil particles in our skin pores and spread infection. It can cause the worst acne condition. Various effective treatments have been introduced for treating excess sebum and acne but the best one to consider is Pantothenic acid.


Details about Acne types:

Whiteheads -These are mild and small pimples. The main cause is clogged pores and sealing it. When the pores get sealed, it becomes whiteheads which grow with time.

These type of pimples are slightly greater in size and can become more difficult to cure. The sebum and dead cells present in our skin gets mixed up and form a glue-like structure, which clogs the pores causing blackheads. After some reactions, the clogged pores get black.

Cystic pimples
Cystic acne takes a longer time to cure completely and is moderate in size. The reason for this type of acne is clogged pores but the difference is that it is clogged deep inside the skin. Bacteria spreads the infection inside the pores and hence it takes much more time to get rid of.
Getting Rid of Acne:

If you are having a mild or small size of pimples or blackheads, it can be cured within few months completely. But if you are having larger pimples or cystic acne, it will take a longer time to cure completely. But for treating all types of acne, Pantothenic acid is the best one to be preferred.

The pantothenic acid which is also known as Vitamin B5 is a best-known sebum controller. It is helpful in controlling the excess amount of sebum production in the body and hence reducing the chances of getting pores blocked.It works to actually direct oils to Coenzyme-A in order to get them broken down. It achieves this by adding L-Carnitine, another natural ingredient that is used by the body for this very purpose.

You can take oral medication of Pantothenic acid or you can also prefer various natural sources for it. Some of the natural sources of pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 are avocados, eggs, mushrooms, beef, sunflower seeds, etc.

Getting rid of pimples takes a small effort, but the boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence will be great for treating such problems.

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